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Jackson Parish School Board Yearly Training

Each title is a link if the training is online

Mandated Reporter Training:

a. Login to

b. Click on Child Welfare.

c. Click on Report Abuse.

d. Scroll down to Mandated Reporter.

e. Scroll down that page to near the bottom. Click on mandated reporter login.

f. Click on New Account.

g. Follow instructions given. When you get logged in, you will click on "General" box.


***This training now takes an hour and a half to complete.

Suicide Training:

a. Login to your account or if a new employee, set up an account.

b. You can choose to complete one (1) of the five available two hour courses OR you can choose to complete two (2) of the one hour courses listed.

c. Listen to the courses of your choice and take tests.

d. Print your certificate.

e. Turn in a copy of your certificate to your principal.

Substance Abuse Training - One (1) hour required:

This training will be delivered by the Jackson Parish Sheriff's office at each school on opening day. The sign in sheet will serve as documentation of completion.

Bullying Training: 


 Two (2) hours required for staff from previous years. Four (4) hours are required by new staff members. • Movies on bullying will be distributed to principals and they can show them at the faculty meetings or social work staff will train.

Louisiana State Employees Ethics Training:

1. Login to site,

2. Sign in or set up account.

3. Listen to presentation and answer questions during the presentation.

4. Take fmal test.

5. Print certificate.

6. Submit a copy of the certificate to your principal.

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